Korea is a tiny country: North and South Korea combined is the same size as Minnesota. But South Korea alone has 50 million people and 1/5 of them are living in Seoul.  While doing some research on more traditional Korean recipes, I thought it would be good to make a brief map of Korea and its regional produce and cuisines. Most people think Korean BBQ as the prominent food in Korea but vegetable and seafood have had more impact in Korean traditional food. Long time ago, before we started importing food from other countries in the modern era, the meat was very scarce because Korea is full of rough mountains which are not good for farming or ranching. But we are surrounded by three seas which produce different types of abundant fresh seafood that we ate raw, braised, grilled, pickled and made jerkies with. The rich, meat orientated dishes developed in Seoul and other big cities that used to be the capital at some point in Korean history. But rest of Korea were eating rustic meals made out of wild earthy plants and preserved veggies and seafood to last the harsh winters. Wasting food is like the biggest sin in Korea. When we butcher an animal, we use every part of it including their organs, bones, blood and odd parts like the heads, tails and the feet. Actually, the weirder the part is, the better it tastes! And it’s interesting to see that cold food developed way up in the north, which has brutal long winters. You would expect more hearty, thick, warm meals from there, but no, Koreans from the north rather enjoyed the effect to refreshing cold meals, which are served with a chunks of ice floating in the bowl to make it extra cold. These cold noodles and soups from northern regions are now popular everywhere in Korea. Some of these recipes goes back hundreds of years and I wish to learn them all some day. 

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NYC Weather Update - Sept 17, 2014

NYC Weather Update – Sept 17, 2014

It’s going to be a quiet weather week after the rain that passed yesterday. For the remainder of the week, high pressure will keep conditions fair and sunny, despite the passage of a weak cold front tomorrow. Temperatures today and Thursday should be in the mid-70s. There will be a slight cool-off Friday after the passage of that weak cold front, but things will warm back up this weekend.

Forecast for Sunday, 9/21


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NYC Weekend Weather - Sept 12, 2014

NYC Weekend Weather – Sept 12, 2014

Although the passage of a cold front yesterday didn’t bring any precipitation with it, you can definitely feel its impact in the form of much cooler and drier air today. Temperatures will be in the low 70s today with crisp, clear skies above.

Saturday – cloud cover will build tonight as an area of low pressure originating from the Tennessee Valley area slides along the frontal boundary that’s now…

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NYC Weather Update - Sept 9, 2014

NYC Weather Update – Sept 9, 2014

This week features a rather active pattern, with several chances for precipitation starting with today.

Tuesday – there is some small chance for scattered rain showers today associated with an area of low pressure that is currently located over North Carolina. However, this chance of rain will be primarily confined to areas south of the city. As the area of low pressure slowly moves offshore of…

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NYC Weekend Weather Update - Sept 4, 2014

NYC Weekend Weather Update – Sept 4, 2014

We’re still in the grips of a warm and humid airmass, despite some cooling off last night due to the passage of a weak cold front. This warm trend will not break until a stronger cold front passes through the region on Saturday.

Friday – expect high temperatures once again in the mid-upper 80s, albeit with increasing cloud cover as stratus cloud decks start to filter in ahead of the…

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NYC Weather Update - Sept 2, 2014

NYC Weather Update – Sept 2, 2014

Despite the unofficial end of summer, today may very well turn out to be one of the hottest days of the summer! We’re looking at forecast high temperatures in the upper 80s into the lower 90s across urban areas. Some relief will be possible with afternoon thunderstorms, and then another round of showers and thunderstorms overnight. A few of these storms could be approach severe limits, however,…

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NYC Weather Update - Labor Day Weekend

NYC Weather Update – Labor Day Weekend

Rejoice! The long awaited Labor Day Weekend is upon us. Although I’d love to say that the weather will be fantastic throughout, but unfortunately there will be a few disturbances traversing the region the second half of this weekend. Thunderstorms accompanying these disturbances may literally rain on the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn on Monday.

Friday – the remainder of today will be…

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NYC Weather Update - Aug 25, 2014

NYC Weather Update – Aug 25, 2014

We have a fairly straightforward weather week ahead of us leading into the Labor Day Weekend. Currently, our region is sitting under an area of high pressure, which will be sliding to the southeast. As it does so, winds will shift to the south and southwest, allowing the entry of a warm and humid airmass that’s been responsible for brutal triple digit heat in the southern tier of the country.


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